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ESI's e-Training

With our e-training courses, you have the flexibility to learn project management
at your own pace and according to
your own schedule. You'll save
valuable time and money since
there's no traveling.
All you need is an up-to-date
browser and an online

Delegates work through
hypothetical case study scenarios, by solving problems and completing tasks at their own pace.

This new generation of online courses offers you:

  • Greater emphasis on active learning
  • Valuable individual coaching from your instructor
  • More channels for communication with other delegates
  • Progress assessments throughout the course

How You'll Benefit

Courses teach distinct skills implemented through problem solving, individual or group work and instructor interaction, enabling delegates to apply their knowledge and skills to their specific work environment.

ESI is helping delegates take their online experience to even-greater heights with a new generation of e-training courses. All of our courses are now available in a new, highly interactive, Macromedia® Flash™-based platform.

High-quality graphics and rich interactivity allow anyone to benefit from the course - regardless of their learning style! These highly-interactive courses represent cutting-edge educational technology, placing you in a fictional, but real-life, environment. You must solve a series of project management challenges in each lesson.

Each course contains all the materials you need to solve each challenge, so every lesson in the course is a valuable, self-contained tool. To complete the course, you must complete individual and team assignments and pass a final exam.